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Lessons & Events 

Ongoing registration:  call (516) 236-8965

Qigong/Taiji:  Qigong is a set of mindful, gentle meditations and exercises that coordinate philosophy, mind & body with breath. Qigong can be practiced by anyone and is very beneficial for improving one's qi and overall health. Lessons feature Shaolin Yi Jin Jing exercises and Kun Lun Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong form. Qigong leaves you feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. Wen Wu Guang Ping Yang Taiji is also introduced. Taiji is an elusively powerful martial art form. Learn physical conditioning, forms practice, and eventual application for self-defense. All levels. 1 hour.  PDF files:  qigong flyer   qigong practice pointers  chair exercises

downward single whipTraditional Taiji:  Intensive practice in Wen Wu Guang Ping Yang. Rigorous, classical martial arts training.  By invitation from instructor only.

Teen Zen:  Learn healing & martial arts methods to clear the mind, relax the body, and strengthen the spirit. Quiet sitting, deep breathing, simple exercises, and fun techniques for improving concentration, confidence, and energy.  Healthy after-school activity for ages 13 and up. 1 hour. 

Shaolin:  Northern & Southern style basics. Highly physical, very rigorous kung fu training for kids, teens, and fit adults. Available as private lessons.  Classes may be formed for groups of 3 or more. 1 hour. 

Qi Parties Entertain family and friends through group practice of healing or martial arts. Add qi to your next occasion. Customized to your interests and skill levels.

Internal Arts for Martial Artists: Seminars in taiji, qigong & oriental medicine are offered at martial arts studios to deepen training & introduce healing techniques 

Healthy Happy Hour: End your workday or workout with a deeply relaxing 30-minute community acupuncture session. It's an easy way to try acupuncture or simply recharge yourself.

Private Lessons:  available by appointment.


Pre-registration is required. Call William at 516 236 8965 for more information.  Classes are kept small to provide students with personalized attention and comfort, however a minimum of 3 students are required to maintain a class.

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