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Discover & Recover®: non-profit organization offering lessons in private, and in public classes, hospitals, schools.  Dedicated to educating the community as to the many benefits of yoga, meditation, qigong, taiji, acupuncture, oriental medicine, and hypnosis.

News Articles

Back Pain: Acupuncture Brings Short-Term Relief
Chemotherapy: Acupuncture May Help Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chronic Pain: Acupuncture Helps Kids and Teens With Chronic Pain
Traditional Chinese Medicine For Diabetes Has Scientific Backing
Facial Rejuvenation: Acupuncture: The New Facelift
Fibromyalgia: Study Shows Acupuncture Relieves Fatigue, Anxiety in Fibromyalgia Patients
Headaches: Acupuncture Lessens Suffering Due to Chronic Daily Headaches
High Blood Pressure: Acupuncture Can Lower High Blood Pressure
Impotence: Impotence gets 'needled' in acupuncture study

Infertility: The Ancient Art of Infertility Treatment, Stress & Infertility
Migraines: Acupuncture Provides Significant Benefits for Migraine Patients
Osteoarthritis: Patients Treated With Acupuncture Show Improvement
Post-op Pain & Nausea:   Ancient Chinese Practice Is as Effective as Drugs After Surgery
Qigong: Exercisers Slow It Down With Qigong (NY Times)

Other articles on acupuncture & oriental medicine:

Brain imaging suggests acupuncture works (CNN)
Acupuncture Moves Towards The Mainstream (NYTimes)
Scientists Seek Clues for Acupuncture's Success (WebMD)
Scientists prove acupuncture works (BBC)
Cupping: Alternative Therapy to Treat Chronic Pain (WebMD)

Acupuncture, OM, and Medical Sites

Sacred Lotus Arts
National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)  (note: William's last name is listed as "Wong-Chin" in the NCCAOM  directory)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Mayo Clinic

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