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William Wong Chin is a NYS licensed acupuncturist,  NCCAOM nationally certified diplomate in oriental medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and martial arts master.

Grandmaster Yang & WilliamWilliam's interest in Chinese health and fitness began 35 years ago with his study of Southern and Northern Shaolin, and Wing Chun.  He went on to learn Guang Ping Yang Taiji Quan and Northern Shaolin from Dr. Yun Chung Chiang at Wen Wu School.  While in China with his Shifu, William met Qigong Grandmaster Mei Jun Yang, who taught and lived to age 108.  William was profoundly affected by Grandmaster Yang's true healing qi power, and by the promise she asked of him: to learn qigong.  He returned to Wen Wu and studied Wild Goose Da Yan Qigong from Master Hui Liu, student of Grandmaster Yang.  In the meantime, he applied his Columbia University education in Economics & Asian Studies to a career in finance and technology.  As he continued to practice and eventually teach qigong, William discovered and cultivated his own qi healing ability, leading him back onto his path towards health and healing.

William formalized his education by earning a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Professional Studies at New York College Graduate School of Oriental Medicine. This integrative program included traditional Chinese medicine, Asian bodywork, Western bio and clinical sciences, pharmacology, Western and Eastern nutrition, holistic methods, as well as two years of clinical experience in acupuncture and herbs under the guidance of some of the best oriental medicine doctors in the field. 

In addition to treating patients in his private practice, William continues to teach classes and conduct workshops.  He enjoys helping people of all ages and walks of life, with a wide variety of health issues.  He lives by his words, which he tells his students every day:  Do what you love. Love what you do. Have faith in your practice.

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